Saturday, December 10, 2011

MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl- Review

I am a huge fan of MAC Eye Kohl pencil liners. I believe that their quality can keep up with their Couture cousins with ease. That is not to say that I don't like eye kohls from Chanel or YSL, but it does mean that at half the price I can choose from some pretty remarkable pencil liners from MAC. While I have and love Teddy (one of the most raved about MAC Eye Kohls of all time), I do feel that Powersurge is often forgotten, overlooked or underestimated. Everyone seems to wax poetic about Teddy, but far fewer show the same unmitigated affection toward Powersurge. I am here to redress this ill!

Powersurge, which is part of MAC's permanent range, is glorious in all of her bronzy goodness. MAC describes Powersurge as a "bronzed-brown with golden shimmer"- which I think is an accurate description minus any effusive embellishments of speech. Powersurge is a bit of a chameleon in that the color modulates depending on the light that captures it. This is a creamy pencil that can easily be smudged, but it also makes a lovely base as well. Powersurge is especially lovely when sharing the spotlight with Patina, but is also gorgeous worn all alone.

I think that love songs, Odes, and Epic Poetry should be written about Powersurge. What if Dante wrote about his love of Powersurge instead of Beatrice Portinari?

...And betaking me to the loneliness of mine own room, I fell to thinking of this most courteous Powersurge Eye Kohl, thinking of whom I was overtaken by a pleasant slumber, wherein a marvelous vision was presented to me: for there appeared to be in my room a mist of the colour of fire, within the which I discerned the figure of a Lord of terrible aspect to such as should gaze upon him, but who seemed there-withal to rejoice inwardly that it was a marvel to see. Speaking he said many things, among the which I could understand but few; and of these, this: "I am thy Lord". In his arms it seemed to me that a person was sleeping, covered only with a crimson cloth; upon whom looking very attentively, I knew that it was the Lady of the Salutation, who had deigned the day before to salute me. And he who held Powersurge in his hand a thing that was burning in flames, and he said to me "Behold thy heart". But when he had remained with me a little while, I thought that he set himself to awaken her that slept; after the which he made her to eat that thing which flamed in his hand; and she ate as one fearing.

Ok, I realize that Courtly Love has little in common with MAC Powersurge, but this is an Epic eye crayon as far as I am concerned.  This is a staple in my stash that will continually be replaced- it really is just that beautiful.

$15.00 US (0.05 oz.)


  1. This is pretty. :)
    I might have to check it out, and then put it on my Christmas list!

    1. It is a ridiculously gorgeous shade in person. You should swatch it next time that you are near a MAC counter. It's a color that will really work with your stash, and it is awesome with Patina. I imagine that it would be gorgeous with Chantecaille Sel too! Definitely good for the Christmas list! :-) I love wearing this smudged into my lower lashline-- it really makes my hazel eyes pop!!!

    2. Does it work well for plain ol' brown eyes?
      I saw a Pixiwoo video where Samantha used it as a base for a look with Patina and Satin Taupe. It reminded me of you and this post, so here I am. :)

    3. I should think so. I somehow doubt that there's anything about you that is "plain ol'!!" It makes for a brilliant base color-- and with Satin Taupe and Patina it would be simply gorgeous!! :-)

    4. *blush*

      OT: Scored a free (!!) dresser/credenza on CL yesterday. T'was a mad dash to pick it up before someone else did. It's pretty beat up, has no back, and is thin veneer, but it was FREE and I'm determined to transform it. I spent last night sanding the top and drawers. I'll do the sides and legs tonight. I'm wishing upon a star I'll get a fine grit sanding in as well.

    5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic-- now I want to see this and the mirror! I'm sure you will be able to do something amazing with it!! I love projects like that -- but then of course you already knew that! :-) My sister and I have both found some pretty cool pieces of furniture that people just dumped at the curb-- just a little work and you can end up with something amazing and original. and of course free is a perk (though sometimes they do seem to require a little money to fix them up). LOL-- I don't that you need any sanding-- and please don't give yourself micro (macro)dermabrasion with the sander while transforming the furniture! :) I'm really excited for you-- I really do love these types of finds!!! The alleyways in the residential area of Beverly Hills is always a great place to find cool furniture just being tossed out. About a month ago I was driving home from buying pet food and somebody had dumped 4 old school heavy oak school chairs that definitely were rough and used. I circled the block a few times to determine whether or not they were being dumped and finally jumped out of my car and asked the workman doing work on the apartment building whether the chairs were being tossed out. THEY WERE- it was a great score!!!


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