Monday, November 21, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss Holiday Trio- A Delightful Distraction

As I was sitting and working (not on my blog) I became a bit distracted- so I did what any self-respecting makeup magpie would do- I started cruising around online to see what fantastic holiday makeup specials were being featured. I ended up at and saw the most beautiful YSL lip gloss trio.

To my eyes this set features the most gorgeous trio of purple lip glosses imaginable. 

The website titillated me further with the following description: 

"Adorn your lips in sophisticated, high-shine shimmer with Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss, featuring sparkling 24-karat gold flecks (0.2%). With a complex of nourishing oils to protect and hydrate your lips and a fresh mango scent, these glosses are instant gratification for lips offering glamour and care together."

WHAT WHAT WHAT?! Glam lips adorned with a wash of purple infused with 24-karat gold flecks, and it's moisturizing?! Where do I sign up?!

So, when I decided to have a closer look at #2, #10 & #19 at the YSL website- it said that #2 is Golden Praline, #10 is Golden Peony, and #19 is Golden Petal. Neither the names, nor the swatches appear to be purple. That said, they are all gorgeous- but none gave me the same pitter-patter that this picture evoked in me.

The Golden Gloss Holiday Trio features Golden Glosses #2, #10 & #19 ($90.00 value) for $59.00.  

Have you seen these in person? Did you pick them up?

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