Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Riley Makeup Collection Launches at Barneys New York- OVERVIEW & PRELIMINARY REVIEW.

I have been a Sunday Riley skincare devotee from the first time that I  tried the line well over a year ago. I actually have every single skincare product made (both face and body) in my stash and use them religiously every single day without fail. Yes, I love the line that much. I have known for quite a while about the makeup collection being developed, and have been waiting with bated breath ever since. Well, yesterday all of my waiting and eager anticipation came to an end- and let me just say that the wait was well worth it.

First of all, Sunday Riley is no longer tucked away in a small bay in the lovely Apothecary Area toward the back entrance of the Beverly Hills location. Instead, it is now located in a lovely large bay shared with Koh Gen Do and Yves Saint Laurent near the Wilshire Boulevard entrance- B R A V O!

I made sure to arrive with ample time to browse, swatch and chat before being whisked away by Adina (the Sunday Riley Esthetician extraordinaire) for my facial which was to be followed by a makeover by Kristen (an outstanding Make Up Artist) using all of the new products.

The displays are elegant and accessible- all of the products are logically displayed for maximum viewing efficiency which lends itself to a very pleasant shopping (and swatching) experience. However, this would all be for naught if the products themselves were run-of-the-mill which of course is not the case. 

Sunday Riley products are Cruelty Free and environmentally conscious which is evident in the company's committed employment of Green Technology. Like the skincare line, this newly created range of makeup also employs Green Technology. In fact, it is the revolutionary and forward thinking of the eponymous creator that is sure to set a new bar for all of the makeup houses to follow. Riley has employed this new technology to create an innovative new generation of products that the marketplace has never before seen. Accordingly, the entire makeup line is "completely breathable with  sophisticated, high performance results." 

The newly launched line includes a Tinted Primer (unlike anything that has been made before), foundations in both liquid and cream form, face powders (both loose and pressed), an impressive range of eyeshadows, gorgeous blushes, emollient lipsticks and lipglosses, creamy eyeliners, and an impressive range of high quality makeup brushes.

All of the products are unparalleled in their refinement: they are finely milled and unbelievably creamy and pigmented which makes for a dreamy flawless application. They are filled with healthy ingredients and are free of all parabens (and are all non-comedogenic). You will not find any unbreathable toxic ingredients in these products- which are inexpensive fillers and corner-cutters that most makeup houses use in their products to create a "flawless" application and finish. Riley produces better results by employing higher quality (and safer) ingredients while not exceeding the price point of other luxury lines.

To create this luxurious range of makeup Sunday Riley teamed up with the extraordinarily talented fashion makeup artist, Diane Kendal. The fruits of their collaboration is nothing short of astounding. The color story in this range is classic; neither trendy, nor easily outdated. The colors are so pigmented and buildable that one can easily go from everyday to runway with a few deftly applied strokes of the brush. This line is sure to be a favorite of make up artists and makeup enthusiasts alike.

The packaging itself is luxurious and durable. All of the packaging is so gorgeous that you will be inclined to keep, rather than recycle, the empty packaging.

During my makeover I marveled at how silky all of the products felt when applied to my skin. Kristen created a beautiful and fresh daytime look that was absolutely lovely. I couldn't believe how my skin appeared flawless and glowing- and that lasted all day and night.

I purchased several products, and plan to go back for more very soon. I made sure to get items from each category of products in order to start reviewing (AND USING) these outstanding gems. Here is what I came home with:

1) Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer (Light). Reviewed here.

2) Crème Radiance Breathable Ageless Foundation (Color: 120W). Reviewed here.

3) Blush- Blushing (#101). Reviewed here.

4) Prismasilk Eye Color- Twig (#105) and Fool's Gold (#111). Reviewed here.

5) Eye Definer Brush. Reviewed here.

6) Creme Gloss Sheer Impact Lip Gloss in Sangria. Reviewed here.


  1. So what was your review of the foundation?

  2. Hi sjmckemy, I added the link to the review above, or you can just cut and paste this URL:

    I really like this foundation a lot, but as you will see in my review I can only use it during the colder months. I have normal/combination skin with a pretty active T-zone-- so this will be too moisturizing for me during the warmer months of the year. Next time I go to Barneys I will probably pick up Sunday Riley's Liquid Light Breathable Perfecting Foundation because it is a much lighter formula. I also want to try out the concealer (Dry Touch Creme to Powder Concealer)- which I forgot to look at before (largely because I was on sensory overload from all of the new products). Have you tried any of the products from her makeup range? If so, what do you think of them?


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