Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday Riley Blush in Blushing (#101) Review & Swatches

The new line of makeup by Sunday Riley that launched in November 2011 includes 6 different shades of the most refined blushes that are silky smooth,  beautifully pigmented,  and finely milled (for launch review and pictures click here). They create the widely sought after "glow from within" effect that is both natural and flattering. The aim, according to Sunday Riley, is to achieve a "sheer, flushed radiance that highlights, defines, and enhances" but that is likewise long-wearing.
These oil-free blushes are created by employing a cutting edge Air-Milling technology that results in an extremely refined product that creates a smooth and even coverage. The pigments themselves are round in shape making them luxuriously silky and soft- imparting a flushed radiance. Light diffusers promote a natural and luminous glow that is just gorgeous.
The blush that I chose, called Blushing (#101), is a cooler leaning pale pink that might best be described as a dusty rose. In the pan it doesn't appear very pigmented, and it appears quite muted which didn't seem like the best match for my cool-toned pale skin. However, once applied to the cheeks this beauty really comes to life as it morphs into the most beautiful natural flush of color that is neither muddy nor overly muted. On my cheeks, in particular, it gives a youthful glow with just enough color to achieve a natural flush. I really love the color and consistency, and was surprised to find that it wore all day long without fading.  It is ultra finely milled and applies like a dream. Sunday Riley blushes offer buildable coverage allowing you to go from sheer to dramatic with a few strokes of the brush.
I photographed the pan numerous times to try to capture the essence of this blush. As you can see from the three pictures above, the color modulates from a light cool pink to a rosier cool pink depending on the lighting. Perhaps one of the things that surprises me most about this color is how muddy it can appear in the pan, and yet how clear, clean and glowing it appears on my skin. In this way Blushing (#101) truly reveals an alluring chameleon-like complexity.
The swatches on my arm really didn't demonstrate the beauty of this color alone, so I also swatched it on a cotton ball in an attempt to capture this elusive shade. The color is very buildable (without becoming chalky), but also neutral enough that it should be lovely across most skin-tones. I do suspect that darker-skinned beauties may find that it isn't quite rich or saturated enough to be a must-have shade, but the fairer-skinned beauties should find it tremendously wearable.
Key Ingredients used and their functions, according to Sunday Riley:
Kaolin- "a mineral that diffuses light, reduces the appearance of fine lines." Kaolin is a clay-like mineral that also has oil absorbing properties, and also draws out impurities and toxins.
Mica- "a translucent, natural mineral that reflects light and creates the illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone."
Silica-"perfectly spherical silica particles are first coated evenly with pigments to create the silkiest application and feel."
Nylon 12- "a hypo-allergenic ingredient that reduces shine and feels silky, creating a smooth appearance." This also prevents the product from settling into fine lines.
Paraben Free
Overall assessment: Holy Grail status blush for me! It's a buildable barely-there blush that is natural looking in all of the right ways. It's truly a MCBB (my cheeks but better) blush for paler complected beauties, and a must-have for those with pale to medium complexions. There are many more Sunday Riley blushes in my future! 

$30.00 at Barneys New York

If you are interested in learning more about Sunday Riley's outstanding skincare line, I wrote a comprehensive post on Sunday Riley Skincare for Face & Body- Overview, Reviews & Choosing the Right Products  with links to all of my individual reviews. In this post I have reviewed every single face and body care product from the line. Additionally I wrote a post on Sunday Riley finishing products How to Choose the Perfect Shade for Your Skin Tone with links to my individual reviews as well.


  1. What a gorgeous and wearable color! I think you have shown me what to purchase next from this line! Thanks!!

    1. Hi mamavalveeta03, thanks for stopping by. I think that you will really love Blushing. It's a really lovely shade that gives a gorgeous natural flush! It really is a very wearable shade. I seldom repurchase the same blush, but I definitely will with this one. Let me know what you think of it if you end up getting it!

  2. Guess I will have to bankrupt myself and get myself one of these blushes though I would want a color that is bit more modern/dark. Lovely color!

    1. Well, I would probably avoid bankrupting myself, but they are really lovely to have! I know that you said that you were tempted by Rush, but if you really something modern /dark you might want to consider Dimples. It does require a light hand because it is so pigmented.


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