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Wantable September Beauty Box: Yet Another Exquisite Month of Goodies!

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True Subscription Beauty Box Mavens will tell you that it really doesn't get better than Wantable, and I wholeheartedly agree! 

In fact, of all of the beauty boxes out there- I would have to say that Wantable ranks at the very top! Each box is valued between $80 and $100 and includes expert application tips and tricks.

According to Wantable

How it works: We navigate the world of beauty to bring you the latest trends, personalized just for you.

Step 1: What do you love? Answer a few short questions so we can match you with the perfect products.

Step 2: Forever or for now? One-time purchase for $40, or subscribe for $36. Subscriptions are monthly and can be paused or canceled at anytime, no strings attached.

Step 3: Discover a new you. Each box is packed with full-size products hand-picked from unique, specialty, and premium brands just for you.
This month I received another wonderful selection from Wantable. Here is a breakdown of what I received:

1) 29 Cosmetics Reserves Grape Seed Age Protecting Moisturizing Lipstick SPF 20 in Ripe Rosé ($25.00 retail): Ripe Rosé is described as a Shimmery Rose Berry. It is a stunning rose with golden shimmer, and it is very comfortable on the lips. I like it so much that I want a few other colors! (Full-size product)

No one will ever guess that behind that beautiful, saturated color you are moisturizing and protecting your lips. Long-lasting grape seed anti-oxidant enriched moisturizing lipstick with SPF 20 nourishes and protects the lips from environmental pollutants and the harmful effects of free radicals. Helps the lips appear smooth and moisturized while visibly easing the signs of aging. Apply evenly to lips for a customized look.

2) Lise Watier Ombre Soufflé Supreme in Sunrise Peach (an iridescent peach) and Vert Enchanté (a silvered green): This was a sample card with no assigned dollar value, but the full sized cream eyeshadows are $24.00 each. The are long-wearing with a soft and fluffy texture, and are utterly gorgeous shimmering eyeshadows. (Sample size)

Iridescent /Air-whipped texture Anti-aging / Antioxidant properties / Long-lasting. An exceptionally light creamy mousse texture, combined with the antioxidant properties of our exclusive Labrador Tea extract. Easily applied with the fingertips, its long-lasting formula gives the eyelids an iridescent look.

3) Susan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE in Jasper Liner/Sandstone Shadow ($26.00 retail): A slender pencil comprised of an angled liner thin enough to define, yet soft enough to blend as a shadow. Accompanying the liner is a self-dispensing eye shadow created to complement the liner color. All combinations are subtle enough for every day, yet they can be layered for those dramatic "evening eyes." This is a stunning dual-sided liner shadow. Jasper us a gorgeous Olive green liner and Sandstone is a sparkling Champaign. They are long-wearing and gorgeously shimmering shades. (Full-size product)

4) Cailyn Eye Primer ($15.00 retail): Cailyn Eye Primer is an ultra-sheer, totally nude eye base that glides on with the wave of a wand and then disappears instantly. It's the ultimate eye prep for smoother, longer-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow. Apply with fingertip to the entire eye area before makeup. This is a very nice light and sheer eyeshadow primer that makes your eyeshadows budge-proof, crease-proof and fade-proof. (Full-size product)

5) Manna Kadar Cosmetics Trans-Fix Eyeshadow-Eyeliner Transformer ($19.00 retail): Transform any of your eyeshadows into a smudge proof liquid liner. Simply dip Transfix into any eyeshadow and rim your eyes for the perfect eyeliner. This is a brilliant product! It looks like a liquid eyeliner, but the liquid itself is clear. All you do is dip it into your favorite eyeshadow and la voilà- you have a gorgeous new liquid liner! I did not swatch this below. (Full-size product)

Total retail value $85.00! 4 Full-size products and one sample size.
Left to Right29 Cosmetics Reserves Grape Seed Age Protecting Moisturizing Lipstick SPF 20 in Ripe RoséLise Watier Ombre Soufflé Supreme in Sunrise Peach and Vert EnchantéSusan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE in Jasper Liner/Sandstone Shadow, and Cailyn Eye Primer.
Overall assessment: This is how subscription beauty boxes should be done! It's a fantastic value for four full-sized products valued at $85.00. Additionally, it isn't hit and miss as is so often the case with beauty boxes because of Wantable's detailed questionnaire that assures you that your box is tailored to your needs and preferences. If you don't like nail polishes, for instance, you will never find one them in your box. This is also a great way to be introduced to fantastic quality products that you might not have easy access to in your area- making this an affordable way to try new things. A+ yet again! 

One-time purchase for $40.00, or subscribe for $36.00/month. From Wantable. This box was valued at $85.00- so it was a really great value!

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  1. Replies
    1. My pleasure, Jaclyn!! I'm glad that you like it. You definitely offer the very best beauty boxes out there! Talk to you soon :-)

  2. I love looking at all the wantable reviews. I love to see what everyone got. It is like a virtual opening of a Christmas or birthday present! I like that Susan Posnick, hope I get one someday!

    1. HI Olivia, me too. I keep switching up my preferences to see what they will send -- they never disappoint! It is like Christmas!!! I always get SO excited when their boxes assertive! The Susan Posnick COLORDEFINE is awesome-- I really hope that you get one!!!!!

  3. The lipstick is gorgeous!
    I'm not familiar with 29.

    1. Hi there! isn't it lovely?! 29 is a very interesting company that was started by Lydia Mondavi- here is what the company is about:

      "29 redefines cosmetics and skin care for the woman of today. Lydia Mondavi designed 29 around the idea that true natural beauty is not effortless, but comes through dedication, understanding, protecting and nourishing the skin.

      29 is the first of its kind, an Age Protecting skin care and color cosmetic line utilizing the benefits of grape seeds. With over a decade of experience creating and formulating spa and beauty products for the luxury market and through designing and developing spas and resorts around the world, I realized that we are missing a very crucial step in our daily skin care regimen. Every product in our cosmetic bag should protect our skin from aging and be beneficial to our skin. Never before has a color cosmetic and organic skin care line created every product enriched with Age Protecting benefits of grape seed extract known for their protection against free radicals and pollutants, keeping your skin looking younger longer. Grape seeds are one of the most concentrated forms of anti-oxidants and over the past several years I have been formulating 29 to ensure that every product and treatment is enriched with their benefits to provide a completely Age Protecting skin care and color cosmetic line.

      It is not enough to offer great color; it is essential that 29 enriches and protects the skin from damaging free radicals. 29 offers the unique opportunity of beautiful benefits and brilliant color.

      The 29 woman is elegant, represents a state of mind…She cares for her skin, and knows that in order to maintain youthfulness she must nourish the skin while protecting it from the harms of everyday living. The 29 woman embraces life and understands that Knowledge Is Beautiful™.

      Interesting, isn't it?! I really love the lipstick, and now want more!

  4. I love that pencil but you know I'm all about green lately. The Manna Kadar Trans-Fix hasn't worked great for me, maybe it's about the shadows I've tried it with. I'll try again with more pigmented ones.Doesn't this make you want to own all the Lise Watier??

    1. This pencil is PERFECT for you-- the colors were made with you in mind (and me too :). I really hope that you get one of these in your next box! I have only tried the Manna Kadar Trans-Fix with dark richly pigmented shadows-- and it worked very well. Give that a try, and I am sure that your results will be great! OMG- the Lise Watier cream shadows make me weak in the knees by their beauty!! I definitely need some of those in the full sizes! I now see why you love them so!! I really love Wantable-- they are truly amazing!

  5. Wow!!! this box seems to have really great products in it. I really think that it is really in great value. I'll def check on this.

    1. Hi Margaret, Yes, Wantable is amazing-- and I am not one who generally gets excited about beauty box subscriptions-- largely because most of them seem rather ho-hum to me. Not so with Wantable-- I have received several of their boxes, and I am continually astounded by the quality of the products, and the number of full-sized products! The value is amazing, and their extensive survey about your beauty likes and dislikes assures you that you won't get stuff that you aren't interested in! I highly recommend trying Wantable, if you are interested in trying some amazing products at a reasonable price! Keep me posted-- I'd love to hear what you think about their service and products if you order from them! :-)

  6. Lola - I apologize for the non sequitur posting but I just spoke to an SA at the Barneys flagship on Madison Ave. and she said that the Beauty Bag event will be October 16-21. The qualifying purchase has bumped up to $250, so maybe the bag will improve?? They are taking pre-orders now. Just wanted to share!

    1. Hi Nina!! No need to apologize-- you can always post anything anywhere! Thank you for that information! I wonder if that is absolutely set in stone? I will definitely ask Barneys if they are going to release the details. Interesting that the buy-in is now $250. Amazing that they are already taking pre-orders-- more than a month in advance. I drove by the Beverly Hills store and they are still in the midst of construction-- so it will be interesting to see the reveal and the Love Yourself event in the new location. <3

  7. Wow, I'm impressed with the makeup selection! Wantable also nailed it with the accessories edition this month. I'm excited for the October box!

    1. I agree, Kath! I am so impressed by Wantable! Their selections are so great-- one of these days I will have to try their accessories/jewelry box, but I am so smitten with their makeup that I can't can't seem to stop choosing that! I can't wait to see what they do in October as well! Have a nice week! :-)


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