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Hakuhodo G527 & 527M Powder Brush Reviews

The Hakuhodo G527 Powder Brush & the G527M Powder Brush Maple are essentially the same brush with the exception of the handle length and materials used. 

The G527 has a shorter wooden handle that is painted black with the following measurements: Full Length: 135㎜, Hair Length: 26.0㎜, Thickness: 26.0㎜, Width of the Ferrule Foot: 26.0㎜.

The G627M has a maple handle and measures: Full Length: 153㎜, Hair Length: 26.0㎜, Thickness: 26.0㎜, Width of the Ferrule Foot: 26.0㎜.

As you can see the only variation in the measurements is that the G527 is 135mm long and the G527M is 153mm long. Therefore your decision really is one of length preference, and whether you prefer a black handle to a natural maple handle. Both are beautifully weighted and balanced and feel wonderful when held.

The heads on both the G527 & the G527M are made of Ototsuho Goat hair. They have very densely packed flat top heads that are phenomenal for the application and buffing of face powders. The heads are so dense, in fact, that you will likely pick up a tremendous amount of product if you don't use a very light touch- so you may need to tap it off before application. These brushes are super soft and feel amazing on the face, and they give a perfect polished airbrushed finish every single time. You will never get a cakey application of powder products with this brush, period. Hakuhodo says that it can be used for blush as well, and while I think that it is perfect for blending blush I find that the head is too wide and flat for the application of blush. I don't limit its use to the application and buffing of face powders- I even use it on days that I don't use powder to buff out the edges of my blush, foundation, and even eye makeup. I love the G527 Series brushes so much that I will find any excuse to use them. As with all Hakuhodo brushes they are exquisite and simply the highest quality brushes I have encountered. I hesitated for a long time before making my first Hakuhodo purchase, but I certainly have not made my last. I truly believe that Hakuhodo brushes are peerless in the vast sea of makeup brushes. It just really doesn't get any better than this!

Overall assessment: Amazing brushes- just as one expects from Hakuhodo. Do you need both? Absolutely not. It's really a matter of preference for the materials used and the length of the handles desired. Do I use both? Absolutely! I bought the G527 first and then decided to get the G527M before the January 2012 price increase in order to review them side by side. Having both of them and using both of them regularly would now make it impossible to choose which one that I prefer. I love them both.

$66.00 from Hakuhodo


  1. Hi Lola, thanks for the review!
    Love reading your blog,so many hakuhodo contents!
    Is it just me or the G527 brush head wider than G527M in the photo?
    I'm contemplating between this or g543 for loose mineral foundation, would you mind giving me recommendation?
    Aside of the finish, Part of my consideration is the brush head width cause I might need to try samples in small jars.

    1. Hi lollikit!

      Thank you, that's very kind of you to say! I think that any difference that you are detecting between the two brush heads is a function of one brush having been used more recently than the other. The head sizes are actually identical, however after repeated use they do fan out a bit-- so that's what you are seeing. What a great eye you have, though!

      The G543 has a smaller head-- so it would definitely be a better choice if you are looking to fit it directly into smaller jars. It has shorter hairs and a very densely packed head-- so you will definitely want to tap it off on the lid of the jar- otherwise it will grab too much product. I love both brush styles, but it seems as though the G543 will be a better fit for your specific needs. I really do love both styles. Keep me posted! :-)

    2. Hi Lola!
      Thanks for your prompt reply and suggestion, really appreciated! :)

      I am leaning toward purchasing G543 because G527 looks very wide. I literally put up a ruler to the G527 image on my computer to measure the brush head LOL. It looks like the brush head expands to around 40mm according to my ruler. That's pretty damn wide, can you use it comfortably? Most of my brushes are tiny so I can hardly imagine using such wide brush!

      Part of me wants to purchase both... LOL
      Couple weeks ago I purchased RMK Powder brush and told myself that would be the last powder brush... well I don't think that happens x)


    3. Hi Ellen,
      You are very welcome! The G527 when fully expanded from use measures between 1 3/4- 2 inches across (at least mine does). These days i have been using it more as a buffer brush than as a powder brush because for some reason I haven't been wearing much powder lately. My G543 is more like an inch across (sometimes a touch more- depending on how I am using it). I use the G543 for either liquid and cream foundations, or powders-- it is an extraordinary brush. I use both of the brushes all of the time, and am madly in love with both. They are so different from one another that I had little difficulty justifying the purchase of both. However, if you are really just looking for a smaller brush- you might be more inclined toward the G543. Hakuhodo brushes are nothing short of amazing, and they make applying makeup a joyful sensory experience for me!

      Oh, you lucky girl-- I have heard nothing but great things about the RMK powder Brush!! You sound like me-- I have told myself similar things about "this one being my last...." These are definitely expensive habits that we share!! Keep me posted!!

  2. Hi Lola!
    Do you think that this brush is suitable for mineral foundation?

  3. Hi Lola!
    Do you think that this brush is suitable for mineral foundation? Or even liquids?

    1. Hi Ylenia! I definitely think that it will work with mineral foundations, but it is a very densely packed head-- so if you are using loose powder you will want to tap the brush to remove excess power. Hakuhodo suggests that it can also be used with water-based products, but I have only ever used it for powder products. It is also an amazing blender brush, and does a great job of softening blush as well. I love it so much that I have 2! :-)

    2. Thanks for the answer ! :-)
      It looks so beautiful!

    3. Absolutely my pleasure, Ylenia! :-)


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